Collection of drawings concieved in eleven books 210x148 mm, Ink on paper and two clay plates, 2016

“Mémoires d’images récurrentes” makes a parallel between writing and drawing. The lines are applied as words, while reminiscing encountered images of the built enviorment that have never been documented. With information being left out, the drawings presents a broken narrative inviting the viewer to take a line for a walk and alter the presented fragments through imagination while turning the pages.

It is often that I find myself wandering the city. Doing nothing but observing the images that appear in front of me. Without realising the horizontal starts bending. Continuing in that angle I move forward easily. But when turning back, the tilted surface breaks the paste of my walk and I feel the weight of my breath. My body exhausted, incapable of perceiving turns the scenery into a flat line. Continuously connecting two points together. Vertical after vertical, I discover that some lines are looking dear. Different geographical locations merge into one another. A memory of parallel lines leaning over a flat surface reoccur. Impossible to indicate when and where I archive only that. Two lines inclined onto a wall. Lines touching. Lines intertwining. Lines reappearing. Those lines are to be read as words. The point where they meet is the moment that creates the sentence. The narrative of every page continues into the other, synthesised with one another.
Anastasija Pandilovska · Mémoires D’images Récurrentes