In a intimate manner “The Three Its: Amid X,Y,Z and all in between” reveals a distinct observation on the city structure. Developed from the interrelation between different practices it presents to the viewer an atypical study of the built environment and our relation to it. The work is an ongoing research starting from a fictional narrative created around three figures with distinct interests and way of observing.These figures present three different practices and although they are not clearly stated, one understands from the explanations that it is about the relation between architecture, arts, and sound. In the process of creating, besides writing about their interests and way of working, an archive has been created containing letters, photographs, recordings, drawing in order to fully understand them and embody their ways of perceiving the city.
The installation consists of two parts. The exhibited archive supported by a written narrative that is present in the space in order to introduce the characters to the viewer and spatial intervention that is based on a principle of a city structure in which everything that is added needs to relate to the present
lines and forms in the room. The exhibition challenges the viewer to become an active participant.From what appears at first to be a haphazard way of displaying through the letters and the drawings, the viewer is placed in a dialogue with the Three Its, in which only by the use of his/ her own empathy and imagination one might understand the logic behind it.