Curriculum vitae
Anastasija Pandilovska | b. Skopje 1991 | Amsterdam | |

2017- Summer School as School, Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina, Course Exhibiting: (En)Countering Temporalities by Rike Frank
2013-2014 Honours Programme Art and Research, Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam
2012-2015 Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design, in the field of Inter-Architecture, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
2011-2012 Foundation year, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
2006 -2010 Secondary School of Applied Arts “ Lazar Licenoski ” in the department of interior and furniture
design, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Programs and Residencies:
2017 - “The Perfect Artist” - A discursive and educational - program by FRU (Faculty of Things That Can’t Be Learned), May - September, Skopje, Macedonia
2017 - Residency at Aether Gallery, August-September, Sofia

2017-2018 “ A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas”. Research-based art project; series of events in five
phases: Sofia, Skopje, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam - a project initiated by three artists: Anastasija Pandilovska,
Eline Tsvetkova and Jakob Ehrlich
2016 - ongoing; Dusty Writing Group - artists grid initiative in collaboration with Rosa Johanna

Researcher convoluted public spaces and position of culture as commons at Lectorate Art & Public Space
(LAPS), artistic research lab of University of Amsterdam, Sandberg Institute, and Rietveld Academy

Curatorial Practice:
2018 “Titoism: Amid Nostalgia and Desire” by Zoran Shekerov, Photograpic installation at ARC Gallery,
Chicago, Illinois
2017 - onwards Emptiness and Infinite Space - series of symposiums organised by Arti et Amicitiae and
Filosofie Oost-West

Teaching and Adviser
2018 - Lecture at Social Design Department (MA) of the University of Applied Arts Vienna regarding
“ A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas”
On art publications and knowledge mapping with First specialization year Fine Arts of the Gerrit Rietveld
Academie, January-May, 2017 accompanied by several public presentations of students work:
Radio Show, Mudd Waves Addiction, Red Light Radio;
Tight-Lipped and Tong-Tight, students exhibition at Museum Perron Oost;
Rietveld TV/AT5- videos, final outcome of the workshop
2013 - Jury member at the entrance examination for Basic Year at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Prizes and Nominations:
DENES AWARD - as part of The Young Visual Artists Awards program (YVAA), Finalist, 2018
ZIN3 VITRIN3 | 3rd International Zine LAUREATES, 2017, Slovenia
EECKMAN ART PRIZE 2016, Contemporary Art on Paper, Brussels, Belgium
Nomination for Thesis Award(Long List), Gerrit Rietveld Academie 2015, Amsterdam

Workshop and Seminar Participations:
2014 - Material experimentation workshop in ceramics with Jacob Raeder, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
2013 - Masterclass, Studium Generale, moderated by Arnisa Zego, Talk with Rosalind Morris on the work
of Etel Adnan, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
2013 - Socratic Lab for Art & Research Honours Programme, LLança, Spain
2010 “Marketing and Management in culture and art” Bitola, Macedonia
2010 “Refurnishing”workshop with teachers from the Academie Beeldende Kunsten, Maastricht
2009 “Outside the box” - two weeks workshop with David Graas, work with cardboard, Skopje


- Weaving Practices, Perdu, Amstersam
- “Paragraphie” exhibition followed by performative lecture and workshop at Dobra Vaga in Ljubljana
- “Repeat, to repeat repeating, repeatedly” Museum Perron Oost, Amsterdam
- - “Healing Architecture”, group show at Koepelgevangenis, Cityscapes Foundation, Haarlem
- “ For there was nothing, but matters touching, matters talking” Youth Cultural Center in Skopje
- A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas - Phase IV, Zurich

-Denes Award Show, Youth Cultural Center, Skopje, Macedonia
- XII International Biennale for young artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje
- “ A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas” Phase III Vienna at Voranker
- “ Poetics of Space” , group show organised by Cityscapes Foundation at Stadssalon, Amsterdam
2017 “An Empty Room with Distorted Ideas” Phase II of A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas” at Social
Center Dunja, Skopje
- “Scattered Belonging” Phase II of A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas” at Social Center Dunja,
Skopje ( Final Exhibition)

2017 - Time, Space and Architecture; group show, Cityscapes gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
- “ Patterns of Behaviour” part of the series “A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas”, Aether, Sofia
- The Perfect artist, group show, AKTO, POP UP festival, Bitola, Republic of Macedonia
- ▢▢▢, part of the series “A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas”, Aether, Sofia
- “ From the private to the communal and from the communal to the private”, part of the series “A
Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas”, Aether, Sofia
- Emptiness and the Infinite Space #nr01, Symposium, April 2017, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam with
Dr Jan Bor, Wjm Kok, Falke Pisano; presented work: “A verb fails to confess and action”, 10 min sound
piece and printed poem
- Latitude: 52.343988 I Longitude: 4.953552; Film/ installation, collaboration with Rosa Johanna,
Dusty Writing Group, Loods 6, studio screening

2016 - Mémoires d’images récurrentes, Art on Paper, Bozar, Brussels
- Gestures 1,2,3,4 installation, Girl own the void, Dokzaal, Amsterdam
- As I moved throughout, soundscape, online stream, G George: series of curatorial projects, London
- “Drawing in communal matter” with Nam Chi Nguyễn, Diversity, criticism, and the closure of
SMBA by Tijdschrift Kunstlicht, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, 14 June 2016
- “Drawing in communal matter” with Nam Chi Nguyễn, Closing event of the Stedelijk Museum
Bureau Amsterdam, 29 June 2016
- “ For Spaces”, site-specific installation, Space Invaders IV - HETEROTOPIA, group show,
- New Energies, group show, Cityscapes Gallery, Amsterdam
- Ode to Things, sound installation, Drift - wijsgerig festival, Felix Meritis April 2016, Amsterdam
- Biocentric readings, sound installation, Perdu, Amsterdam

2015 - “Newskapes” : The Tree It: Amid X,Y,Z and all inCityscapesGallery, Amsterdam
- “Hesitant Autonomy” Graduation Show, Three It: Amid X,Y,Z and all in between, Gerrit Rietveld
Academie, Amsterdam

2014 - SpiritualBunker0621, “Fluid Borders”, installation, Bunker0621, Amsterdam
- “About It” Group Show, “Fluid Borders”, installation, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam
(SMBA) Amsterdam
- “Anticipated Decay: Towards a grand Ruin” Group show, “ The impossibility to forget the already
forgotten” De Service Garage, Amsterdam
- One minute videos, UNSEEN BEHIND THE FAÇADE, Goethe-Institut Amsterdam
- “Constant Companion” De Oude Kerk, Group Show “After 8” Situation, Amsterdam

2013 - Shadow cabinet, Studium Generale, exhibition “Regarding the Names of Flowers”, Rieveld Pavillion

2010 - “Refurnishing”, group show, Kurshumli an, Skopje
- “Out of the Box”, group show, Public Room, Skopje
- “Out of the Box”, group show, Aleksandar Palace, Skopje
- Graduation show from SSSAR “Lazar Licenoski”, Cifte Hammam, Skopje

“ A Decorated Room with Invaded ideas: Phase 1” Sofija, 2017
“Paragraphie”, zine, Skopje/Bitola, 2017
“Drawing in communal matter” in collaboration with Nam Chi Nguyễn, Amsterdam, 2016
“The Three It: Amid X, Y, Z and all in between, self-published artist book, July 2015, Amsterdam
“It asks for an imaginative mind to see it, it takes an imaginative mind to read it” July 2015, Amsterdam
“In Principio erat verbum” Honours Programme Art and Research, November 2014, Amsterdam, “Anticipated
Decay, Toward a Grand Ruin”, April 2014, Amsterdam,
“Insight Series Nr.7” A dementia-friendly Neighbourhood, “ The Pink Path” 2014 Amsterdam,
“Insight Series Nr.6” “(Re) inking-Le Corbusier” “Space and a game between us, 2013 Amsterdam

2017 Kinosiska, Slovenia, ZIN3 VITRIN3 LAUREATES announcement
2017, interview
2017 Artnewscafe-Bulletin, interview by Desislava Mileva, Sofia/Plovdiv
2016 Interview met Sofie Crabbe Special edition on Art on Paper, La Libre, September
2016 Art on Paper Prix, l’art même, August 2016, by Sandra Caltagirone, Brussels
2015 Architectuur die stemmingen oproept, De Groene Amstedammer, by Thomas van Huut, 03 July 2015
2014 De Krant, 12 April 2014, Een Roze Pad, Dementievriendelijk krant