Taking a line for a walk, 2019
puntWG, Amstedam, the Netherlands
wooden beams, paint, prints, clay

Taking a line for a walk refers to the subversive act of walking. Approaching it as an integral
part of home-making, the artist points out how walking is a way to synchronise one’s body
to a new geography and a way to dissolve the boundary between a self and the environment.
Hinting towards a quote by Paul Klee: “An active line on a walk, moving freely, without goal,
with her work she makes a parallel between waling and drawing — both start from a point
and through the stretching out meaning is made and grasped.
Transforming fragments of two-dimensional mappings of her daily walk into a rhythmic
gesture — wooden construction beams spread on pre-determined heights, Pandilovska
foregrounds unnoticed moments that escape our attention in the daily.
She cuts the beams and paints them with grachtengroen simultaneously referring to the
colour that reappears in her walk and at the same time to the constant construction sites
that obstruct her daily movement.