A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas
The series of projects ‘A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas' is an initiative created by Eline Tsvetkova, Anastasija Pandilovska and Jakob Ehrlich with the intention to develop an intercultural dialogue between Eastern/Western Europe on the notion of ‘Belonging' and ‘Heimat'. One of the curiosities lies in how mentalities can be read from the way people arrange objects in a domestic space and whether the intentions of creating a home is that different from country to country? There’s a certain longing for a ‘stable’ identity, however, we find ourselves unable to belong unconditionally to one landscape and idea. How and till what extend do we decide what material can be part of one’s living space?

'A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas' is a series of projects consisting of V Phases (Sofia, Skopje, Vienna, Zurich & Amsterdam).

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_______________/On Homemaking, Vienna, Phase III
vorAnker, 2018
________________/Encapsulated Behaviours, Phase II Skopje
Social Center Dunja, 2017
___________________/Altering Relations - Space I and Space II, Phasa I, Sofia
Aether, 2017